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Family Fundraising Party

(16th June 2012)

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in making Samuel's party such a wonderful occasion. A great time was had by all and we raised £1,600 towards Samuel's fund. Lordswood Leisure Centre were very accomodating and did everything they could to make the venue special. Lisa's helium balloons came and decorated the room and did a marvellous job, even throwing in some extras as a surprise!! Jack from Kent Discos was a top class DJ and we will be adopting him as our DJ for future events. He was also the lucky winner of the guitar in the auction!! Friends and family all contributed towards the wonderful buffet spread - we even had to get an extra table at the last minute as we ran out of room!! Face-off facepainters came along and did some wonderful artwork on our partygoers!! Louise Uzunbaba kept everyone entertained with her lovely voice during the buffet by singing a selection of tracks and my sister Alex and Mum, Jan did a great job with the raffle!! Around 160 guests packed the room out and had a wonderful time. Sadly Samuel could be there himself due to illness but we did have a great photoboard showing a selection of pictures of Samuel over the last couple of years. Matt Nelson from KMN Landscaping brought a folder along showing all the work that had been done on the garden.