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Over the last 18 months, Samuel's condition has deteriorated quite rapidly. 


At the beginning of 2010, Samuel was able to crawl up the stairs on his own - something which he did 'at speed' when his Mum wasn't looking!  He would often sit at the bottom of the stairs and laugh at her as she called for him to come up to bed yet if there was something he wanted up there, he would wait until she wasn't looking then crawl up quickly and quietly . Then, when his Mum started to panic that she couldn't find him, she would hear him chuckling away to himself while he got into all sorts of mischief out of sight!


Since then, Samuel developed sudden and severe hip dysplasia and scoliosis.  After a number of appointments  with  his specialists in London, it was decided that Samuel would need some pretty serious reconstructive surgery to his hips and once he had recovered from that, he would need metal rods put in his back to straighten and stabilise his spine.


Ruth had been finding it difficult to get Samuel in and out of her  car  and  as time went on and Samuel's condition worstened, it became impossible. Samuel is unable to  help  and relies completely on his Mum manouvering him into his car seat. She finally came to realise that when her current motablitiy agreement came to an end in July 2012, she would have to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle (W.A.V.)


The problem that Ruth has now is that she cannot get Samuel in her car at all  and it is not safe for him to return to school while he has the cast on. Therefore, he is almost completely house-bound and has been for  almost 4 months. The sooner Ruth can get the W.A.V. the better and Samuel will once again have the freedom to be able to get out and about !


Although she can get the vehicle through the Motability Scheme, there is always an advance payment which is like a deposit. For the type of vehicle that they would require, Ruth will need to raise around £4,000.  


Ruth, has decided that the best way to raise the money would be to hold a family fundraising evening which will include a disco, buffet and a raffle. This way, everyone can have an enjoyable night out with friends and family but at the same time, helping Samuel to get one step closer to  a better quality of life!!


For details on the fundraiser, please click on the events tab.  These things take a lot of organising and if you want to help, there are many ways you can do so.  For ideas, click the 'how you can help' tab.


(Thanks to the wonderful generosity of David Lench and Ward and Partners, we now have the wheelchair accessible vehicle!  They were very kind to donate the full £4,000 for the advance payment so we were able to order the car straight away and it is now here! At last, Samuel can get out and about and not be stuck indoors when he is off school!)