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When Samuel and Ruth moved into their home almost 4 years ago, the garden was literally full of nothing but weeds - and they were 5 foot high!! Even though the house is privately owned, it was the responsibility of the housing association who own the estate, to make the garden tidy. They therefore came and cleared the weeds and laid some turf.

Unfortunately, it was not their responsibility to level the ground, remove all the debri and apply top soil, therefore Ruth had her work cut out for her, making the garden safe and secure for Samuel.

Sadly, at this point in time, Ruth was having her own health issues so could not do it herself. A very kind friend helped out with some general gardening like weeding an mowing but the overall structure of the garden remained as it was.

The steps leading up to the back gate were often used by local residents and students from nearby schools as a meeting point and somewhere to eat, drink and smoke. There was often grafitti and rubbish everywhere and on occasion, litter and cigarette ends were thrown into the garden. Ruth arranged to have the back gate moved from the top of the steps to the bottom to stop this problem but has not yet been able to replace the top gate.

Samuel has always been unable to distinguish between what is actually edible and what is inedible yet still able to fit in his mouth. This has got him into trouble many times and Ruth has been known to remove everything from stones to twigs and leaves from his mouth when he has been out in the garden.

In 2011, when the extension was built, the garden was used as a building site for about 3 months. It suffered very badly, especially the grass. It will take a lot of hard work to get it back to the way it was but even then, Samuel will not be able to enjoy it. 

It has become apparent that with the uneven level of the ground, the dangerously exposed concrete steps, the poor quality of the earth with its stones and debri and a half built retaining wall, the garden is just not safe for Samuel to play in.

Samuel loves the outdoors and Ruth hopes that  once he has recovered from all his surgery, he will be able to crawl around again. This means that if it is made safe , Samuel will be able to enjoy the fresh air by spending time in his garden.

To make the garden suitable for Samuel, Ruth would like to have the ground evened off so there are no slopes for Samuel to fall down. The wall will need to be extended  to the back of the garden and a low fence of some kind put around it. this will be the area that Samuel will be able to play in.  The original gate at the top of the steps will need to be replaced. The area that Samuel will use will need to have the grass replaced by special rubber safety flooring. Finally, Ruth would like a special swing made for Samuel so he can have fun in his garden.