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MORE  Steps For Samuel 


Samuel has a manual wheelchair as he doesn't have enough awareness and sense of danger to be able to control an electric wheelchair! 

This means that to get him up hills and slopes, we have to push him and his chair by hand - approximately 16 stone in total. This is not good for our backs and can be dangerous if we were to lose our footing. We currently avoid taking him to places that have hills etc so he misses out :(


We would therefore like to get Samuel a battery pack which attaches underneath his chair and would enable us to push him with ease and take him to places that he can't go to at the moment.


Although Samuel has his sensory room bedroom now, he can not make the best use of it as with such a large cot/bed and very little storage, there just isn't enough room for it all.

We have 2 choices, either have some clever storage built in the room and re-arrange the sensory equipment to fit around it or have a small extension built to the front of the house to enlarge his bedroom so everything fits properly. Unfortunately the quote for the extension is around £38, 000. Therfore unless we can find a sponser, it is unlikely to be able to go with option two.

If you know a reputable builder or furniture maker, who may be able to help please ask them to give us a buzz or email 



Have you ever tried pushing a young child in a buggy across sand, dirt tracks or uneven ground? it's almost impossible! So imagine what it's like with a 16 year old young man in a heavy wheelchair!! Samuel used to love going to the beach but we can't take him on the sand any more as pushing his wheelchair on it is imposssible. When we were in Florida, they had special buggies that made the job a lot easier. We would like to get one for Samuel so he can enjoy his trips to the beach again


4 years ago, Samuel was lucky enough to have been granted a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation. His wish was to swim with dolphins but they made it a holiday of a lifetime by extending it to 9 days at a magical place called Give Kids The World Village. We were also given free passes to visit all the Disney Resorts and a day at Discovery Cove where he swam with the dolphins. Our dear friend Sharon came along and to thank us for inviting her, she donated a special paving slab for the Avenue of Angels at the Village. Sadly, Samuel has never seen it in place and we would love to take him back to see it. We would also like to take him back to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins again as he loved it so much. It was during the holiday that we discovered the problems with Samuel's hips so it would be nice to return again now that he has had his surgery and special injections. for more information on Give Kids The World, please go to their page by clicking on their page under the 'Support' tab

Due to all Samuel's ongoing problems with his hips etc, his Brainwave program is even more important than ever. As well as the physical part of the therapy, we have now incorporated 'life skills'. Samuel has taken really well to the changes and is proving every day how important his continued therapy is. We wish to continue with it for as long as possible so will be adding it as an 'ongoing' step from phase one of the campaign. For more details of Brainwave, please go to their page by clicking on the dropdown menu under 'support'


(P.S. You can sponsor a Brainwave child to help pay for their therapy. Details on their website).